Below are the sets of music we use.  The tunes for each set are listed in the order that they are played.  You can download the music or midi file by clicking on the link.

Karen Set
Let Erin Remember – PDF   MIDI
Bonnie Charlie – PDF   MIDI
Minstrel Boy – PDF MIDI
Mistrel Boy Seconds – PDF MIDI

Kelly Set
Kelly the Boy from Killane – PDF MIDI
The Inneskilling Dragoon – PDF MIDI
Wearing of the Green – PDF MIDI

Bravest Set
Wings – PDF MIDI
Wings Seconds – PDF MIDI
Dawning of the Day – PDF MIDI
Dawning of the Day Seconds – PDF MIDI

Patriotic Set
America the Beautiful – PDF MIDI
America the Beautiful Seconds – PDF MIDI
God Bless America – PDF MIDI

Retreats Set
Green Hills of Tyrol – PDF MIDI
Green Hills of Tyrol Seconds – PDF
When the Battle’s O’er – PDF MIDI
When the Battle’s O’er Seconds – PDF
Balmoral – PDF MIDI
Balmoral Seconds – PDF MIDI

Kevin Set
20 Men from Dublin Town – PDF MIDI
Sean South of Garyowen – PDF MIDI
Wrap the Flag Round Me Boys – PDF MIDI

Quiet Man Set
The Kerry Dance – PDF MIDI
St. Patrick’s Day – PDF MIDI
Rakes of Mallow – PDF MIDI

Irish Set
Black Velvet Band – PDF MIDI
The Wild Rover – PDF MIDI
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling – PDF MIDI

Keogh Set
Ensign Keogh – MIDI Page 1 – PDF Page 2 – PDF
Mairi’s Wedding – PDF MIDI

Military Set
Caissons Go Rolling Along – PDF MIDI
Marine Hymn – PDF MIDI
Anchors Away – PDF MIDI
Off We Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder – PDF MIDI
Semper Paratus – PDF MIDI
Heave Ho Me Lads – PDF MIDI

Americana Set
Grand Old Flag – PDF MIDI
Over There – PDF MIDI
Yankee Doodle Dandy – PDF MIDI

Bass Drum Settings – PDF

Tenor Drum Settings – PDF

Odie Set
B. C. Brian Brendel’s Retirement – PDF MIDI
Always the Brotherhood – PDF MIDI
The Steamboat – PDF

Ed Set
Scotland the Brave – PDF MIDI
Scotland the Brave Seconds – PDF MIDI
Rowan Tree – PDF MIDI
Rowan Tree Seconds – PDF MIDI

Cockney Jocks Set
Flett from Flotta – PDF MIDI Breakout1 Breakout2
The Cockney Jocks – PDF MIDI
Bonnie Lass of Fyfie – PDF MIDI

Lip Killer Set
Garyowen – PDF MIDI
Back to Donegal – PDF MIDI
Killaloe – PDF MIDI

Fireman’s Set
Fireman’s March – PDF MIDI
Fireman’s March Seconds – PDF MIDI
Murdo’s Wedding – PDF MIDI
Molly Darling – PDF MIDI

Gallant Set
Gallant 42nd – PDF
Bluebells of Scotland – PDF
Bluebells of Scotland Seconds – PDF

Bonnie Charlie Set
Bonnie Charlie – PDF MIDI
Johnny Scobie – PDF

Christmas Set
Good King Wencelas – PDF
Jingle Bells – PDF
Deck the Halls – PDF
We Wish You a Merry Christmas – PDF

Single Tunes
Highland Cathedral – PDF MIDI
Highland Cathedral Seconds – PDF
Going Home – PDF MIDI
Going Home Seconds – PDF
Amazing Grace – PDF MIDI
Amazing Grace Seconds – PDF MIDI
Shenandoah – PDF MIDI
Shenandoah Seconds – PDF
Drummers Lost – PDF MIDI
Drummers Lost Seconds – PDF MIDI
Dark Isle PDF
4 Part Rakes of Mallow – PDF MIDI
Mo Ghile Mear – PDF MIDI
Morag of Dunvegan – PDF MIDI
Morag of Dunvegan Seconds – PDF MIDI

Snare Drum Settings
2/4 and 4/4 – PDF
3/4 – PDF
6/8 – PDF